Plumbing and heating
Plumbing and heating
Everyone wants a tradesman that they can trust. I’ll agree, they’re priceless. It’s no exception that plumbers should be the same. I’m sure you’ve seen the TV programs depicting the minority of cowboys out there that rip you off and do no more than a botched job. That’s why customer feedback is so important to me. Here are just a couple of recent client reviews:
“Was impressed by Robin of Gas Xpress who was prompt, professional, efficient and pleasant. Would recommend to anyone.” Allan C.
“I was worried about my gas fire and as I contact Robin to come and service it for me. He was very quick to arrange to come out and when he arrived he was very professional and went through everything that he was going to do. He was very thorough and had everyone’s safety in the forefront of everything that he did. Since he has serviced my fire I can notice the difference and it is gives off more heat that it did before, with the correct colours of the flames too. I would recommend Robin to anyone that needs a fire serviced.” Claire B
Not only this, but I’m big on doing the right job to fit the right situation, following any legal regulations along the way. It's important to comply with British water regulations and energy efficiency for whatever job is required, for example, in the prevention of back-pressure and back-siphonage, and the possibility of contamination from different fluid categories such as water from baths, toilets and washing machines re-entering the water supply. Then there's the build-up of bacteria in stored water such as legionella to consider too. Regulations such as these are in place to protect you, the consumer, and must be adhered to.
From leaking taps, rusty radiators and broken toilets through to full central heating system overhauls and installations, there is no job that I will not consider. Please see the Pricing page for a general idea of my charges. Whether your plumbing requirement is proactive or reactive, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free no obligation quote. A quotation can be provided in writing or verbally, whichever method is preferred, in a short turnaround time.
Please feel free to get in touch regarding any aspect of plumbing that you may require. An example of the type of plumbing work I undertake is listed below:
  • Leaking taps and faulty toilets
  • Above ground blockages cleared
  • Showers, baths and sinks
  • Tanks and overflows
  • Radiators and pipework
  • Central heating plumbing problems

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